About Wendy A. Lurie

Wendy has over 25 years of experience in the securities industry, first in the Enforcement Division at the Securities and Exchange Commission and then as in-house counsel at prestigious investment advisory firms. Her practice focuses on providing personalized, business-savvy legal and compliance solutions in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

Wendy launched her consulting practice in January 2009, and provides “in-house” General Counsel services to an array of registered and unregistered investment advisers on a consultancy basis. Clients benefit from having a highly responsive and experienced lawyer deeply familiar with the intricacies of their business, while paying only for the services they need. Her clients range in size from start-up funds to investment advisers managing in excess of $4 billion in AUM.
Wendy has extensive experience launching funds in the United States and abroad, handling all legal matters associated with running an investment advisory firm and developing and monitoring compliance programs for these firms.